Required documents for Moldova citizenship

Requirements and necessary documents to apply for Moldovan Citizenship. In addition to the documents we have listed on the application process page, further documents are required to obtain Moldovan citizenship. A complete list of these documents is listed here for you.

Necessary documents for citizenship application

  • Nomination Form
  • Signing the Contract from the main applicant (only signing without Notary stamp and Apostille).
  • Ensure that your personal asset statement is over 250,000€ (copy of Bank reference).
  • International Medical check that each member are healthy and have no diseases (only the Original).
  • Clean police record, from all members over 12 years age, certificate by Notary and Apostille Stamp from the Country of Residency.
  • Passport copy from all members, certificate by Notary with Apostille.
  • Passport photo of white background (40mmx50mm) in JPG Format.
  • CV - and personal Profile from each Member over 12 years.
  • Certificate of marriage/divorce or court decision on divorce certificate by Notary with Apostille.
  • Birth certificate from all members, certificate by Notary with Apostille. (If no birth certificate has been issued, a statutory declaration should be made in front of notary public or relevant government authorities.)
  • Residency ID Card copy, from all members certificate by Notary with Apostille.
  • Power of Attorney from all members over 18 years age, certificate by Notary with Apostille Stamp.
  • Copy of the License from your Company and registration
  • Acts that confirm the profits made as a shareholder of the companies in the last 5 years and the income earned as a natural person in the last 5 years.
  • Acts that confirm the type of activity and entrepreneurship in which they have invested or engaged in business for the last 5 years.
  • Certificate of no debt to the state budget and state social security budget of foreigners or stateless persons or of companies in which the family members or people in their care are members, partners or shareholders; in which he has the membership, partner or shareholder.
  • Affidavit that the funds invested do not come from illegal sources and belong to, foreigners or stateless is the beneficial owner of it.
  • Primary documents and other information necessary to verify the origin and source of the funds invested.
  • Proof of Contribution Grants Pay Public Investments For Sustainable Development Or Proof Of Invoice Escrow - Foreigners account or stateless purchase and possession of one or more real estate, procurement and maintenance finance paid securities securities states under this Regulation or, where appropriate, preliminary contract of acquisition of real estate (goods) building (s) or securities state sheds sum value of the purchase in a bank account of fiduciary held by the seller, in one of the banks of the Republic of Moldova.

If you apply with parents, we need Notarization of evidence documents showing the relation with parents.

Note: All documents performed by a notary have to be translated into English language and have to be legalized by Apostille stamp by the State Secretary of the respective State where these were issued.